Reviving Anabaptism in the Netherlands

"And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God" Ephesians 3:19

Love from Poland

To all who seek God’s will in your life; you are greeted with love from our brother and sister in Poland. We were blessed to be able to meet recently, after several almost-meetings in the past years that we have had contact. It was a blessed time together, and a memory we will cherish.

On Monday, we went to the zoo in Krakow. It was a joyous experience to see the wonder in children’s eyes at the marvels of God’s creation. We saw beautiful blue fish, slithering snakes, the gentle giant elephants, and the proud peacock barring the path with his bright tail spread.

Child looking at fish tank

We saw monkeys sitting all together on a branch, each one grooming the back of the monkey in front. It is an innate part of us, especially in humans, to want to help one another, and to be part of a community together. "(...) It is not good that the man should be alone" Genesis 2:18 Even with just two or three together in one place, we can strengthen one another, exhorting and building upon one another’s faith.

Staring close by into the face of a baboon, seeing his expressions, reminds me that God made us both; we have a tendency in us, to make our differences bigger, to focus on what sets us apart, and to neglect to love our neighbour because of these differences. But God’s love reaches across all boundaries - there is no limit to the breadth, and depth and height of God’s love, and no person can remain unaffected by it, for it changes our heart in the touching. At first, we soak it in, taking as much as is possible, as living water we desperately need. Next, it satisfies us, warms us, and strengthens us in faith. Finally, when full, our heart radiates God’s love back out to all who are near, and no human imaginations can keep us from sharing it.

picture of monkeys

Looking at the terrible, low rumbling roar of a tiger telling us of his power, it reminds us what the Christians suffered under Nero’s rule in Rome. When faced with certain death, a calm came over the Christians in the arena. As all looked on and marvelled, God’s chosen people banded into a circle, facing each other, and prayed as they journeyed to eternity in heaven. Many who saw this came to faith, as it was clear this peculiar people had something outside of the carnal world they knew.

early Christians in Rome’s colosseum

It was not all joy, to be at the zoo. We also saw the sad eyes of a lonely ape, who did not jump or play or climb; sitting in his cage he simply stared at the ground, a prisoner who does not understand why the jungle suddenly shrunk to this small steel enclosure. Likely he lost the family he had before, to be on display for us. Perhaps you are lonely as well, but Christ has empowered you; the cage of sin has been broken, the power of the Holy Spirit given to you for a blessing.

picture of cyclists

As we were parting at the train station, my brother shared how, in cycling together, racers will each take a turn at the front, breaking the wind, while those behind follow closely and rest. The one at the front willingly expends all the extra energy he has to help the others as long as he can, before moving aside and letting the second, who was ready and waiting for his turn, to take this role. In likewise manner we Christians will help one another to the best of our abilities, labouring for one another’s needs in a self-sacrificial way, as Jesus taught us.

"Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth." I Corinthians 10:24

We will miss each other, but although we are 1200km away now, we will, Lord willing, meet again soon. We both desire to see christian churches in Europe that are true to God’s word, and had each much to say and agree on regarding love. Though the world may despise or ridicule the christian understanding of love, we believe that we must love one another as brothers and sisters; unfortunately, you have probably heard this so often before being said - but like so many bible truths, we must stop and think carefully what the words mean. If your brother or sister has any need, it is just like your own need - you would not spare any thing that you have for yourself if your brother or sister needs it. It is, quite frankly, a tragedy if one who claims to be a christian goes to bed with food to spare in his pantry, while another nearby him suffers hunger. Love sustains us, revitalizes our faith, and compells us also.

The need to share and the need of love compells to form together communities of faith, and we desire faithful churches everywhere. In this broken world, you may need to travel far to find this, but we encourage you and exhort you to make this sacrifice. When you think what the early christian church suffered for Christ’s sake, and indeed that Christ laid down his life for you, it helps us to make what sacrifice is necessary for God’s Kingdom. God has called you, and He is waiting for you to answer. Will Jesus find you ready when He comes?