Reviving Anabaptism in the Netherlands

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

Shropshire Hills Mennonite Church

This outreach church, located in Craven Arms, is affiliated with the Nationwide Fellowship Churches in the United States. They hold an annual weekend Bible Conference in early December. Except for email, they do not use the internet. More information on GAMEO.

Dunmore East Christian Fellowship

A Beachy-Amish Mennonite mission church in Waterford county, Ireland. More information is on their website.

Dunkard Brethren of the Netherlands

This one is just our family! We are baptised members of the Dunkard Brethren Church.

Berezyanka Mennonite Church

Mennonite church of about 120 souls, established in 2004. Bishop Lee Stolzfus. More information on GAMEO.

Nationwide Church of Denmark

Mennonite church, established 2022 near GrĂ¥sten. They do not use the internet, but I can put you in contact.

Christliche Gemeinschaft Krumau

A small group under the leadership of Alexander Basnar in Krumau am Kamp, Austria. Their website (in German).

Christian Mennonite Community Agape

Agape mennonite church near Warschau. website +48.663.489.534 email

Church of the Mennonite Brothers

Beachy Amish Mennonite church (Biserica Fratilor Menoniti Din Suceava), established in 1996. Close to the intersection of E85 and 208 D to Mitoc, you are welcome Sundays at 9 a.m.

Bethel Christian Fellowship

Bethel Fellowship church established in 1998. Bishop Joe A. Miller. From Caransebas take the Resita Rd 3 km to Paltinis.

Gorodetskoye Evangelical Mennonite Church

Established in 2011. Bishop Lee Stoltzfus. +38-098-628-0820

Kiev Evangelical Mennonite Church

Established in 1993. Bishop Lee Stolzfus. +38-044-5226070

Shipintsi Evangelical Mennonite Church

Established in 2006. Bishop Lee Stolzfus. +38-037-364-4232

Map of European Anabaptists

It is our desire to help Christians to connect who uphold the doctrines of the Scriptures as taught to the first apostles; such as separation from the world, nonresistance, separation of church and state, permanence of marriage, the Christian women’s veiling, moral purity, and leadership of man. Our goal is to include on this map those churches whom we understand to be practicing the same and whose teachings are the most alike. At present this includes Amish, Mennonites and Dunkard Brethren. If you are aware of any churches not listed here that fit this description, please send us an email (